Since 1969, B&H Concrete has been the premier site concrete contractor in the Hampton Roads area.  We were the pioneers in the region when it came to pouring curb with a slip-form paver and have set the standard ever since.  In 1989, we set a record that still stands today, by pouring over 7500’ of curb & gutter in one day.

Today we are capable of any size job, from a fast-food restaurant to a VDOT urban highway. We are prequalified for VDOT projects. We have worked with the largest regional highway and general contractors, including Branch Civil, Corman Construction., Basic Construction Co., S.B. Ballard Construction Co., Skanska, Kevcor Contracting, Trident Civil, and W.M. Jordan Co. We also have a working relationship with many of the most reputable local contractors, Virginia Equipment & Development, C.W. Brinkley, Hoy Construction Inc., KBS Inc., Homeland Contracting, Hudgins Contracting, and East-West Construction.

B&H Concrete has always been committed to safety. To maintain this commitment, B&H has multiple key personnel that has completed CPR and basic First Aid training. This training, along with weekly Tailgate Safety meetings, and monthly Company Safety meetings, allows B&H employees to quickly identify, and avoid dangerous situations in the field. Whether it is Traffic Awareness Safety on a VDOT highway project, Equipment Operator Certification, or simply respecting utility locator markings, B&H views safety as a primary goal.

We also have a serious commitment to continuing education.  Understanding concrete and the many factors that affect its quality and durability is a very important goal for us.  Since the ’80s, we have been committed to train and certify our team leaders in order to achieve this goal and produce a high-quality product.  Today, several of our employees are certified as ACI Field Testing Technicians and VDOT Field and Plant Technicians.

Our reputation today is that of professionalism, quality, and safety.  We always strive to keep all projects on schedule.  If you want a site concrete team that will “hit the ground running” call B&H Concrete.  
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